In The Disappearing Water

“…there is no limit to the extent to which we can think ourselves into the being of another. There are no bounds to the sympathetic imagination”
– J.M.Coetzee

In the Disappearing WaterIn The Disappearing Water is a fascinating story—dark and deep, yet full of hope and longing. There is much in life that is beyond rational comprehension. Mystery resounds in silence like a solitary snow angel, the displacement of water in a bathtub, a still life image and life that refuses to be stilled—cannot be packed away, domesticated or slaughtered. Love, perhaps the greatest mystery, with its comings and goings on, is carried like a bucket of stones, close to the chest, and passed along. Caroline Sulzer takes her readers to captivating places that may be hauntingly familiar, yet surprisingly other.

– Geraldine Cannon, author of Glad Wilderness
and professor at University of Maine at Fort Kent

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