“I just finished reading (In the Disappearing Water) and was profoundly moved – politically and personally.  I don’t think I’ve read such good writing about the complexity and nuance of emotions since reading the early stories of Jane Smiley.”  – Robert Shetterly, artist and creator of Americans Who Tell The Truth

“In the Disappearing Water is incredibly fluid…’a real page turner.’ Caroline Sulzer has managed to deftly weave a strong animal rights message into a book of fiction – a rare feat! Bravo! Her ability to create human characters so vivid they seem to have moved in with me is awesome.”  – Sharon Gannon, Jivamukti Yoga 

“In the Disappearing Water, is a fascinating story—dark and deep, yet full of hope and longing…”       – Geraldine Cannon, Assistant Professor, University of Maine at Fort Kent, author of Glad Wilderness.

“A pro-animal book that is also beautifully written– a rare achievement. Sulzer is a poetic novelist who delicately deals with the insidious effects on the psyches and relationships of those who kill the animals that some of us eat.”   –  Kenneth Shapiro, PhD, ABPP, Executive Director, Animals & Society Institute

“The language of In the Disappearing Water is like a precise and piercing needle. The story’s hypnotic pacing, and the tentative, growing alliance of its main characters, draws a reader deeper into the meat industry and the damage done to animals and to the people who work slaughtering them. That violence inhabits the personal histories of the characters and for some, detachment is both a solution and another devastation…”  – Nancy English, author of Chow Maine

“Caroline Sulzer writes like a dream and in her hands language takes on magical and transforming power, no matter what the subject. Sulzer’s heroines emerge as humans we know, and the animals we encounter are spared sentimentality. This captivating novel offers both a warm-hearted portrait, and a penetrating look at our relationship with the animals we eat.”   – Kitty Beer, author of What Love Can’t Do